Q: Why should I outsource my firm's visualization needs?
A: In recent years, architects have come to realize the importance of 3D computer simulations to help communicate, and therefore sell their design ideas. They have also realized the production of effective 3D computer simulation requires a significant and continual investment in specialized hardware, software, and most importantly - training. Architecture firms are recognizing that it is extremely difficult for them to develop and maintain these skills when their primary responsibility is to design buildings.

Working with Digital Sky Studios gives you freedom. Our staff is well equipped and well trained with the tools required to produce stunning works of art. We are continually upgrading our systems and reinventing the process in order to keep up with the rapidly changing technology so that we can provide you with outstanding visualization while liberating your valuable staff to design and deliver great works of architecture.

Q: Why should I commission computer vs. traditional "hand" renderings?
A: There's no doubt that traditional renderings can be beautiful. The real benefit of computer based solutions is flexibility and technical accuracy. We offer our clients the ability to interactively select camera views, lighting conditions, and try out material options. The computer also provides us the ability to generate multiple renderings from the same computer model at a fraction of the cost of commissioning several "hand' renderings. In addition, we are able to create stunning animated fly-by's and walkthroughs from our computer models.

Q: How does Digital Sky Studios work differ from other firms or "off the shelf" solutions?
A: Our staff is comprised of a unique blend of computer geeks and artists. It's no secret that we use "off the shelf" solutions for both hardware and software. The difference is how we approach the project and how we utilize the tools. For example, most of our competitors build a computer model, set up all the lighting, cameras, textures, etc., hit the "Render" button and walk away. When the computer's done rendering the image, they're finished. The end result of this "render button" approach is typically dry, harsh, and therefore very "computer generated" looking images. Digital Sky Studios uses a unique "multi pass" approach that has been developed and proven in the Special Effects houses in Hollywood. For a typical project, we break out unique elements/lights/shadows of the scene and render each in a separate "pass" - typically 4-8 passes per image. These "passes" are then stitched back together in a computer "painting" program - where our artists also spend many hours "touching up" the image to provide a final product which is both more realistic, and more natural than "typical" computer renderings.

Q: What information does Digital Sky Studios work from?
A: We work from a variety of source materials. We can start with anything from sketches, conceptual drawings, working drawings, 2D CAD files, or full 3D client provided computer models.

Q: How much do Digital Sky Studios' services cost?
A: As you can imagine, the cost varies substantially depending on design complexity, goals, and scope of the visualization. Pricing for a typical model with presentation renderings (with some flexibility for design analysis) usually starts at about $2500. Starting prices for animations and walkthroughs typically range from $7,000 to $10,000. Some projects may be less expensive than the range listed above - give us a call and let us provide an estimate for your particular project.